The INNOFOOD team during the Innovation Jam at Ho Technical University

About #guide2innovate

#Guide2innovate is one of the outcomes of INNOFOOD, a two-year program made possible by the innocap program of Nuffic.

During these two years, a team of experts from the Netherlands, Ghana and Kenya worked together with the Ho Technical University in Ghana and  JKUAT in Kenya to test an innovative way for technical universities to improve or develop new applied research programs that connect researchers with the outside world.

After many business challenges, innovation jams and a variety of trainings, study visits and learning events, we’ve come up with the #guide2innovate!

Although the INNOFOOD program has come to an end, we hope to see the #guide2innovate be taken on by new organisations around the world!

So go ahead and make the best of the #guide2innovate or get in touch with us to learn how we can help you bring the #guide2innovate to life! You can get in touch by contacting Lisa Freiburg from MDF:

Email: | phone: +31 318 650 060